According to a national poll, there are 2,000 backpack-related injuries each year. Additionally, in a study conducted on college students, 85% had discomfort and pain due to backpack use. It's clear to see that backpacks may no longer be the best option when it comes to everyday carry, which is where sling bags enter.

Sling bags are a modification of traditional backpacks. Traditional backpacks have two shoulder straps, and each strap goes over a shoulder. The sling bag only has one strap and is designed to be worn in a cross body style with the strap flat across the chest, as pictured:


There are so many benefits of only having one strap!

Number one is accessibility. If you are carrying a backpack and want to access its contents, you will have to take the backpack off. With the sling pack, you can simply swing it around under your shoulder and access the interior contents just like that!


Sling packs and bags are also typically smaller than backpacks. This is a good thing because it forces you to carry only what you need. When given a bag or something to fill, people typically put in anything that they "might" need. When space is restricted people become aware of what they are carrying, resulting in more thoughtful packing and not as much carried weight. This means less pain in your shoulders, back, and neck area, which is always a good thing.

Yet, another benefit is getting rid of the dreaded backpack sweat. Backpacks are generally big and bulky and sit directly on your back, leaving you with large sweat areas in hot or humid weather. Sling bags have less surface area and can be moved around so that you don't have an entirely wet back from sweat.

Sling bags are also preferable because they keep your hands free while you're traveling and/or commuting. Imagine you're in a city loaded with pickpockets and you need to carry your bag on your front but you need your hands free for following maps on your phone and holding your child's hand to ensure they don't get lost. What bag would you turn to? A sling bag!

Sling bags come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. If you're looking for a sling bag with plenty of storage space and intense durability, check out the Outlaw Sling Pack from 3V Gear. This pack is extra special because it has a concealed pocket in the bag that fits small laptops or things that you want protected, such as your passport, cash, or identification cards.

If you're looking for a bag that's just as durable but not as big, the Posse EDC Sling Bag should be at the top of your list. This bag has a great deal of space and lots of organization so you can quickly get what you need.


A great choice for an even smaller pack is the Rapid Deployment Pack. This pack provides ample storage for exactly what you need while also being nice and small so it doesn't load you up with unnecessary weight.

Sling bags are the perfect lifestyle bags for men and give you the space to carry what you need to. Because they are so versatile and offer different organization options, it's worth it to look around and see what you can get. No matter what you choose, a sling bag is always a good investment and is the perfect everyday carry bag.


  • Misael Cruz


  • Les

    I purchased the sling bag a couple months ago. It goes with me where ever I go. It carries everything I need when hiking, or taking a walk thru the park. I was very surprised to see how much it is capable of carrying. I keep a good knife, battery pack for my electronics, some energy bars and so much more. I keep a tarp in it should I find myself in an overnight situation. It holds pencils, note pad and paracord. I have 2-3 different ways to start a fire.i bought 2 molly pouches which fit nicely one on each side. It is truly very versatile. I recommend this to anyone who wants to carry enough gear for a day hike but doesn’t need to have a backpack. It was truly surprising the amount of gear you can put into this! Its a must have for me.

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