Prototype of the New Pistol Case Organizer

Prototype of the New Pistol Case Organizer

We just got our first sample of the new pistol case organizer (we still need to come up with a better name) and are pretty excited about it. If you don't remember what we were doing, you can refer to the earlier concepting here and here.

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype 1911

Overall, it is pretty close to what we had envisioned and designed. There are definitely some tweaks that need to be made but our whole team is already trying to lay claim to this sample.

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype vs Old Case

This shows the size compared to our current Single Pistol Case. We think it is really close to the perfect size.

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype Admin Panel

The admin panel is really good. The tablet sleeve holds most tablets. Anything larger than an iPad Pro won't fit. We tried a Window Surface and it is barely too small. We are considering upping the size a little to accommodate small laptops. 

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype Tablet Pocket

The "cell phone" pocket is perfect. We have an iPhone 11 Pro in the pocket (shown two photos up) and it has tons of space left over. We tried an iPhone Max and we still had lots of room. No one else here had a phone larger than that but most phones should be good to go.

We currently have 2 medium sized pockets and 4 pen/pencil pockets. After playing around with this a little bit, we are thinking that we should remove two of the pen/pencil pockets and make the 2 medium sized pockets larger. This would allow you to put larger items in these pockets and still use them for pens/pencils if you so desire.

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype 1911 and Magazines

If you remember, this opposite side of the case is going to be a solid Velcro panel. This will allow it to be customized in any way you want. Using it as a gun case, you would simply need to add a Velcro holster like the Shadow Shot and Velcro magazine holders. We don't currently have magazine holders but we will be designing one.

As you can see in the picture above, there is tons of room. We tried a 1911 and two magazines and you can see that it fits easily. On the opposite size spectrum, here is a Sig P365 with two magazines. You would easily be able to add a few additional magazine or other tools if you wanted.

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype Sig Sauer P365

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype Sig Sauer P365 Access

We had many comments about people wanting to use a case like this for CCW. We did a few experiments and depending on the size of the pistol, you can easily draw your gun from the top or the side of the case. You can set your zippers so you only need to pull one zipper and then draw. It is really quick. We are probably going to add one large zipper pull to make it easier to find in a hurry.

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype Locking Zippers

Speaking of zippers. We are going with locking zippers so you can keep your pistol or tech secure. This is really to keep your gun out of the hands of people who shouldn't be handling firearms.

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype Organization Insert

The organization panel is really good. This panel has Velcro on the back so it can attach to the Velcro side of the case. It works really well.

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype Organizer

As you can see, we loaded it up with a bunch of gear to get a feel for how much it would carry. With all of the different elastic loops, you can organize your gear in a lot of different ways. The three small pockets on the bottom need a little work. They are made of nylon and sewn straight across. This doesn't have much stretch and we will be looking at some other material or design to allow them to flex more.

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype Closed

Loaded out, you get a better idea of the size of the case. We think it is just right. We want the case to have structure and not be "floppy" and it is just about perfect.

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype MOLLE back

We have MOLLE webbing across the back. We didn't add vertical straps or snaps to attach this to another bag. We did this for a few reasons. 1) From the feedback we have received, most people would carry this by its handle or put it inside another bag. 2) It would add more bulk to the case. 3) We are going to start using a new plastic clip to attach MOLLE. They are really cool. 4) Other companies have speed clips which allow you to attach MOLLE really easy.

Minus the changes we mentioned above, there are a few things we would like to change.

The shiny plastic "MOLLE" on the front is just to show perspective and will not be the actual die-cut MOLLE that we use. It will be a matte black to match the case. We have had some comments about making this more of a "grey man" style case so it doesn't draw attention to you or let people know you are carrying a firearm. If we go this route, we will be removing the MOLLE on the front.

3V Gear Pistol Case Organizer Prototype Die Cut MOLLE

The other change is the handles. They are too long and we are going to shorten them by 40-50% so there is less material to deal with and your hand will be closer to the case.  

Overall, we are very happy with the case and can't wait to get it finalized.

3V Gear Product Development Team 

3V Gear Product Development Team

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  • Joshua Bredwell

    That seriously looks like a great carrier. I would definitely buy one, Right now I have the the privy EDC case but it would be nice to have a briefcase looking bag that looks professional like that!

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