Using the 3V Gear Compact Pocket Organizer for Everyday Carry (EDC)

Using the 3V Gear Compact Pocket Organizer for Everyday Carry (EDC)

It's safe to say that at some point all of us have struggled with bags and backpacks packed full of items. A typical response to that problem is to go through and clean out gear you think you might not need, but sometimes you just need everything that you carry. When that happens, the answer to the problem needs to be organizing your items. It's difficult to organize small items in a big bag, which is where the Compact Pocket Organizer comes in. This organizer allows you to keep small items easily accessible and organized so you aren't wasting time digging through your bag.

3V Gear Compact Pocket Organizer EDC
There are numerous ways to utilize a pocket organizer for your everyday carry. The organizer from 3V Gear features some pockets for specific gear which helps narrow down what you really need to carry every day. On the front of the pouch, a small mesh stash pocket lets you to quickly stow small items without opening the pouch. A large Velcro panel gives you the opportunity to personalize your organizer with a variety of patches. The interior of the pouch has a large pocket, five slotted elastic pockets, a key lanyard, and two mid-size pockets on the other side. The back of the pouch is MOLLE compatible, and the straps are fastened with Velcro and feature secure snaps at the bottom.

What you put in the compartments is up to you, but the pockets were designed to maximize the organization of your gear. This Compact Pocket Organizer is made to work well for everyday carry, but there are so many uses for a pocket organizer. You can use it for your travel essentials, cable management and charging, mini-med kit and so much more. The compact size of this pocket organizer makes it incredibly convenient to carry every where you go.

Everyday Carry (EDC)

3V Gear Compact Pocket Organizer Everyday Carry EDC

For everyday carry, the large stash pocket is perfect for carrying a small notebook, business cards, or larger items. The front elastic loops are ideal for pens, pencils, small tools, a lighter, pen light, a slim knife, and so much more. The two larger pockets on the other side are great for multi-tools, a larger flash light, a spare magazine, or other larger items. A key lanyard will keep track of your keys and keep them from jingling inside your pocket.

Mini Med Kit

3V Gear Compact Pocket Organizer pouch for mini med kit
How many of us carry a medical kit in our bug out bag or camping gear? Odds are you will need a small med kit a lot more often than your bug out bag. This in no way replaced a full med kit but having the essentials stashed in your backpack could be a game changer. Medical devices such as an epi-pen or insulin pen fit great in the elastic loops. The elastic loops are also perfect for a small pair of scissors and tweezers. You can have small prescription bottles, a flashlight, a multi-tool, and narrow bandages in the mid-size pockets. The large pocket is ideal for bandages, rubber gloves, and more. You can even throw a medical patch on the outside to easily identify what is the compact organizer.

Travel Organizer

3V Gear Compact Pocket Organizer as a travel wallet
Have you ever been traveling and had that nagging feeling that you forgot something? Having all of your essentials in one place not only gives you peace of mind it also keeps all of your traveling documents organized. The large stash pocket will fit your passport and tickets. Other things that might be good to pack include a pen and pencil, credit cards, headphones, a charging cable, pain relievers, chapstick, wipes, and more. One other cool aspect of using the Compact Pocket Organizer as a travel organizer is that it doesn't look like a wallet. Would be thieves are less apt to try to take it from you when it doesn't look like a conventional travel wallet.

Cable Management & Tech

3V Gear Compact Pocket Organizer for tech and cord management
In today's world, we have tons of tech and it is awesome, but it also means we have lots of cables. Utilizing the Compact Pocket Organizer as your cable manager and tech pouch keeps all of your essentials in one place and organized. Pens, pencils, and a stylus all fit nicely in the elastic loops. A notebook, charger, or your mouse can easily go in the large pocket. The mid-size pockets are perfect for cables, charger, and/or headphones.

A Place for Your Firearm

3V Gear Compact Pocket Organizer EDC for Your Pistol
The Compact Pocket Organizer can also be used as a mini gun case. For your smaller firearms, say a Sig Sauer P365, the pistol fits nicely in the large pocket and you could store additional magazines in the two smaller pockets. If you aren't carrying your firearm on you, this could be a good alternative to having it loose in your bag.

However you choose to organize your gear, remember that staying organized helps you to be more productive and alleviates stress. Investing in a pocket organizer helps you to keep all of your important items close at hand and ready to go at a moments notice.

Here are some of the ways our customers are utilizing the Compact Pocket Organizer. Tag us, @3vgear, to show us how you stay organized.

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    It would be nice to have this linked to the compact pocket organizer description page, I only found it by accident, bored and recovering from another migraine

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    I really liked this article. Great ideas for using your product. I really liked that you had pictures with the actual etc equipment in the organizer! Thank you

  • Andy

    Bought 3 of these a few weeks back. Great length to fit longer barreled fkashlight but only after 2 weeks of everyday use Fabric near seam on right side failed From pocketknife rubbing… like them enough will buy a replacement but be selective which slot you put items in

  • Chuck

    VERY COOL – can see where I could conceivably want at least 4 of these Pocket Organizers

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    Your product looks like an easy way to travel using your compact pocket organizer!

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