So Many Ways to Pack the Pronto Pouch

So Many Ways to Pack the Pronto Pouch

We are self-professed gear fanatics and we love multi-use packs. The Pronto Pouch ticks a lot of the boxes for us. It is small, modular, multi-function, and allows you to carry just enough. Sure, this pouch is not going to be your EDC bag if you carry a laptop and a bunch of gear, but if you are more of a minimalist, this just might be an option for you.

The Pronto Pouch comes with a detachable shoulder strap so you can make this pouch a sling or shoulder bag. But it also comes with removable MOLLE straps so you can attach the pouch to other bags that have MOLLE webbing. The uses for this little bag are endless but we put together a few.

3V Gear Pronto Pouch EDC Bag
As we mentioned above, if you don't carry a lot of stuff with you, a small bag like the Pronto Pouch could be your best friend. One of the benefits of using a smaller bag is that it forces you to be more conscious of what you are carrying. There are definitely times when less is more. So making the Pronto Pouch your everyday carry bag will work for a lot of people.

3V Gear Pronto Pouch Med Kit
Med Kit
The Pronto Pouch is just big enough to make it a solid medical bag. You will be able to fit everything you will need for most situations. With the MOLLE straps you can have it attached to another bag and quickly access it or remove it if needed. If there was an emergency you could easily give the pouch to someone else. The Pronto Pouch is small enough that it would make a great car med kit without taking up much room.

3V Gear Pronto Pouch Camera Bag
Camera Bag
A lot of us here at 3V Gear are passionate about photography and the Pronto Pouch makes a great lightweight camera bag. It is large enough to carry a decent sized mirrorless camera with a small lens and some accessories. If you are carrying a full sized DSLR with a few lenses the Pronto Pouch wouldn't be for you, but I would suggest a large bag like the Outlaw Sling Pack.

3V Gear Pronto Pouch Travel Bag
Travel Bag
There is nothing worse when you are traveling than to have to lug around a large backpack. It becomes heavy and is constantly in the way. Plus, many tourist sites make you put a backpack in a locker anyhow. A small bag like the Pronto Pouch is going to be unobtrusive and not stand out. You can carry the essentials and enjoy your trip a lot more.

There are countless other ways that the Pronto Pouch could be used.

  • Hunting or Scouting Pouch
  • Tech Pouch
  • Accessory Pouch
  • and more
If you have the Pronto Pouch or a small bag, how do you utilize it?



Kirk is the Marketing Director at 3V Gear and is an active outdoors man. When not working, you will often find him in the Utah mountains biking, hiking, camping, skiing, or trail running. He likes to travel the world with his wife, exploring new cultures and meeting interesting people, all the while photographing everything he sees. 

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