How to Organize Your Privy EDC Case

How to Organize Your Privy EDC Case

Hi, I’m Kirk and I want to introduce you to the new Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case. This is the first bag to be completely designed from the ground up with the help of our product development team. This group of people are industry professionals and customers who are interested in helping design products that they wish they could have. I am in charge of marketing and product development here at 3V Gear and I wanted to show you what is in my everyday carry bag.

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My job is definitely on the creative side and the things I carry reflects this. I am also a bit of a minimalist and don’t want to carry anymore than what I really need, so the Privy really works well for me because I am not loaded down with a bunch of extra stuff.

The front of the Privy has a velcro ID panel where you can add morale patches if you want. The Privy does come with the 3V Gear logo patch. Right next to the velcro panel is a flat pocket where you can quickly stash small items.

3V Gear Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case as a tech bag
I utilize the Privy as a tablet/tech bag. It stores everything that I want for my EDC. I will generally carry an iPad Pro with the Apple Keyboard. The Privy will fit a MacBook Pro 13” but I mostly prefer the iPad when I am out. I carry an external 2TB SSD to backup and store projects that I am working on. Additionally for the iPad, I will carry the Apple Pencil and the Apple Magic Mouse. The iPad only has a USB C port so I will carry a dongle that has a standard USB port, micro SD card slot, and standard SD card slot. I know, a bit of a pain. Also for the iPad is the charger and cable. The last cable I carry is the Apple USB to Lightning cable for my iPhone.

3V Gear Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case as a tech bag - flat lay

When I am concepting ideas, I will still use pen and paper and this is why I carry a pen, pencil, and a Sharpie. The pen I carry is the original Karas Kustoms Retrakt. It was on Kickstarter years ago but I am still a big fan of the machined aluminum pen. I also carry the Ohto Super Promecha mechanical pencil. I really like the aluminum barrel and knurled grip. The Sharpie just comes in handy so often.

The Privy was designed in such a way that you can really customize it to your needs. The contents of my Privy ebbs and flows every day but this is my basic everyday carry. We would love to see how you have outfitted your Privy and what is in your EDC.

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Kirk is the Marketing Director at 3V Gear and is an active outdoors man. When not working, you will often find him in the Utah mountains biking, hiking, camping, skiing, or trail running. He likes to travel the world with his wife, exploring new cultures and meeting interesting people, all the while photographing everything he sees. 

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