Barricade Fire Gel is now more portable than ever with the 3V Gear Velox

Barricade Fire Gel is now more portable than ever with the 3V Gear Velox

When there’s a wildfire coming your way, you’d want to focus all of your attention and energy on preventing it and protecting your home as soon as you can, right?

You’d want your Fire Gel ready anytime you need it. That’s why we’ve recently incorporated the 3V Gear Velox II Backpack into our newly designed Pressure Washer Applicator Kit to make it more portable than ever. After testing numerous other tactical bags, we’ve found that the Velox provides ample storage space for the Pressure Washer Applicator and other items when not being used.

3v gear velox backpack and barricade fire gel sprayer kit

It also allows you to easily apply Barricade to your home, without having to hold the one-gallon container and the applicator at the same time. The Velox can store up to two one-gallon containers, allowing you to easily switch from one to another, without having to stop what you’re doing and go retrieve the next container of Barricade.

Wildfires are particularly prevalent in the summer and fall, and during droughts when fallen branches, leaves, and other material can dry out and become highly flammable. You always need to be prepared because they can happen anytime.

Saved by the Gel – California

As much of the country was focused on the flooding in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and the devastation of her sister Rita, another natural disaster was monopolizing the attention of residents in the hills of Southern California. Wildfire in Sanford, California was threatening hundreds of homes in the Thousand Oaks area.

Barricade Tactical Pressure Washer Applicator and 3V Gear Velox Backpack

Homeowner Patricia Pfizer was grateful for the help she received from firefighters who sprayed Barricade Fire Blocking Gel onto her wood shake roof just 2 hours before the fire came over the ridge.

“I didn’t have the energy to take anything out of the house,” said Ms. Pfizer, “so the very idea that it was going to be safe was incredibly important.”

After evacuating to a safe area, she was relieved to find no fire damage at all.

Any homeowners whose homes and precious belongings were saved from wildfire by Barricade Gel might agree with Ms. Pfizer, who concluded, “What an amazing, amazing thing!”

What is this Barricade Fire Gel anyway?

Barricade Fire Gel is a liquid concentrate that, when mixed with water, provides dead-stop protection on everything it’s been applied to, including wood, glass, vinyl, metal, and many other surfaces. The idea for Barricade first came from a trash fire incident, in which firefighters discovered that when wet, disposable baby diapers will not burn. The reason for this is, they have super absorbent polymers inside of them, that soak up and hold many times their weight in water. These same polymers are used in Barricade Fire Gel, and when mixed with water, the liquid concentrate becomes a sticky gel that clings to all flat and vertical surfaces.

How does it work?

Barricade provides a unique, thermal-protective coating that, in addition to many other uses, will protect structures from burning when they are exposed to the effects of fire. It’s easy to think of Barricade as wet, sticky sponges that when applied to a home, provide a more effective barrier than regular water or foam.

Shelf Life and Coverage Rates

Barricade Fire Gel has a shelf life of up to 3 years, and can be extended past that, up to 5 years, if shaken every 6 months. It's easy to think of Barricade like a bucket of paint, as time goes by, the different liquids inside start to separate, but keeping the product shaken, will ensure it's ready for use in the event of a wildfire. Barricade should also be stored in a climate-controlled area, that does not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit and does not get below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Barricade Tactical Pressure Washer Applicator and 3V Gear Velox Backpack

During the application process, each one-gallon container of Barricade concentrate will conservatively coat between 500 to 750 square feet of surface area, depending on the type of applicator used, as well as variable wind conditions during deployment. You can purchase between 8 to 12 gallons of Barricade Fire Gel concentrate, along with an applicator that they feel will work best for them, depending on their skill level and water pressure.

It’s important to note that Barricade is meant to be used as a temporary solution to protect your home during a wildfire event. After the threat of fire has passed, you should use a regular garden hose or pressure washer to rinse the product off your home. Once it has been removed, it will naturally biodegrade overtime, without causing any harm to surrounding grass and vegetation.

After one of the most deadly fire seasons on record, it is safe to say that everyone should be more prepared for potential threats to our homes. This is the same reason that we build survival bags. It is an insurance policy against potential catastrophes. To learn more about Barricade Fire Gel, visit their site or read the review from Survival Cache

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