3V Gear Crew's Pocket Dump and EDC

3V Gear Crew's Pocket Dump and EDC

Here at 3V Gear we're obsessed with everyday carry and we love to see what other people are carrying. So we decided to share what's in ours! 

3V Gear Crew's Pocket Dump - Dan

Dan is the owner and founder of 3V Gear and a busy father on the go. He's up to date on the newest tech and eager to adapt in the ever changing tactical world. A lover of travelling and always on the move, Dan doesn't want to burden himself (or his pockets) with heavy unnecessary gear. This little pocket knife has a laundry list of uses not to mention the compact sizing. The Sig Sauer P365 is his go-to EDC for its reliability and easy to conceal. And at the end of a hard day's work, he can pop the top on his favorite well earned beverage with his keychain bottle opener. 


3V Gear Crew's Pocket Dump - Tess

I am Tess and am the Marketing Coordinator at 3V Gear. Being a woman I tend to obviously have more in my everyday carry. With that being said, I'm not a big fan of purses. The bigger the purse, the more you're inclined to put more crap into it. However, I still need something to hold my EDC items because I generally don't have pockets, or large enough pockets to dump said crap into. Not to mention, where would my husband put his random belongings if I didn't have some sort of handbag? Items such as chapstick and lotion are vital to my every day living and I truly do not understand how people can exist without them.


3V Gear Crew's Pocket Dump - Nate

Nate is our hard working IT guy. Endlessly working on his computer well into the night, jamming out to lord knows what on his noise cancelling Bose headphones. Doesn't take much to fill out Nate's EDC, as he is a simple man with simple needs. A lightweight flashlight assists in peering around in the dark server room when issues arise. At the end of the night he gets to drive away in his pristine Supra Bat-mobile. 


3V Gear Crew's Pocket Dump - Kirk

Kirk is the Marketing Director at 3V Gear and is a self-professed minimalists and an Apple fanboy. Kirk describes his EDC as a cross between utilitarianism and great design. If it is functional but doesn't have a good design, it won't last long in his pockets. As you can see, he also needs his EDC to be color coordinated. White, black, and blue is his current color palette. (Ya, we think he is a little weird too.)


3V Gear Crew's Pocket Dump - Luke

Luke is our stoic 3V Gear Warehouse Manager, with whom this company could not live without. Shipping and playing with boxes is his bread and butter. Having a reliable handy-dandy box cutter and markers on his person are a priority when you're King of the shipping department. Strapped and packed with his Glock 43, Luke is prepared for any scenario in that big lonely warehouse.


3V Gear Crew's Pocket Dump - Nym

Nymeria is our friendly rottweiler mascot with a fondness for treats and an eagerness to be your best friend. Nym is required to wear her lovely pink collar adorned with a bow as nudity is frowned upon here at our establishment. Identification tags hang from her collar in the event she could get lost and someone can contact her mother before she ugly cries. This pup gets to have a sweet, healthy treat after a long day of assisting in box shredding and greeting our loyal customers. 

Feel free to post your EDC/pocket dump. We always find it incredibly interesting to see what and why people carry the things they do. Stay safe out there. 



about the author Tess

Tess is the Marketing Coordinator at 3V Gear and is always looking for the next adventure to take her lovable Rottweiler on. Her dream vacation is to visit Norway where her ancestors come from and hopefully live in Hawaii someday. She loves reading, writing, cross stitch, and playing video games. She is currently building a tiny home with her husband and plans to move in this summer. Nym, her 100 pound Rottweiler, will of course be moving in too.



  • Steve Bagnato

    Thanks for sharing. It’s always nice to see what is in everyone’s EDC

  • ULfhednar

    iPhone 7
    Ledlenser flashlight
    RFID blocker wallet
    Leatherman rev
    Truck keys
    Ray Ban sunglasses
    Tactical pen
    No gun ( not allowed in Belgium 😭)
    G-shock rangeman
    Neck gaiter

  • Joshua Bowling

    My current EDC is probably larger than most, but what can I say? I like to be prepared. Here goes….

    Trayvax minimalist wallet
    Smith and Wesson 342 PD, appendix in a sticky holster
    Speed strip with additional .357 rounds
    Work keys
    Badge/ID folder
    Leatherman Wingman multitool
    Streamlight ProTac 2L
    Spyderco Police
    Smith Director sunglasses
    IPhone 8plus (I know, I know, I need a new phone) in an otterbox (cuz I’m hard on my stuff)
    Zebra FxMD pen
    Truck key fob
    KN95 mask and black gaiter (cuz we live in strange times)

  • Dawson Lehmann

    My EDC is very customized. A Fantom Wallet, Key chain with a titanium ball bearing connector, one half has titanium tooth pick, titanium pen, titanium multi tool, titanium emergency whistle, titanium capsule with current meds, flash drive with emergency information. Car keys on the other connection. Cellphone, CRKT Deviation pocket knife. That pretty much is it for EDC. My bug Out bag that a different story and it’s from 3-V. Small and compact but has a ton of survival equipment and 1st aid.

  • Bemused Berserker

    POS Phone
    Streetlight Micro
    CRKT M16
    Gerber Mini Suspension
    SIG P365
    2 Spare Magazines
    TQ & Pressure Bandage
    Lighter (don’t smoke, but still carry one)

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