Three and half years ago I decided I needed a career change. At the time I was a high school English teacher, which I enjoyed, but it was awfully hard to support a family on my salary. I decided to join US Army Reserves and take advantage of their medical equipment repair training.

During Basic Training it was pounded into us that our weapons are a tool and we were to keep them clean and protected at all times. So, as soon as I got home from Basic and got my own AR-15 I knew I needed to start looking for gun case to protect my 'tool' during transport and when being stored.

I did plenty of research and finally decided on the 3V Gear Ranger 36" Double Padded Gun Case. I selected this bag because of the great price and fantastic reviews. On arrival I went through the bag and was definitely impressed with the quality. What impressed me even more, was the amount of space and pockets it had. At the time I was only using it to store and carry my AR, hearing protection, ammo and an extra magazine to and from reserves training or the range. As time has passed I’ve added more and more to the bag. No matter what I throw into it the bag handles it no problem.

Some of the features of this bag that I really love are all the pockets, the butt stock holders in the main compartment, the padded divider that keeps my rifles from clanking together, the velcro retention straps that keep my guns from sliding around, the heavy duty locking zippers, how the three big expandable pockets on the front allow my to carry as much or little as I need, and the backpack straps with sternum strap which make carrying this loaded out bag easier.

Here you can see what I currently have in my bag, and how there is still room for more.

I've found this case to be a great investment and it's still in fantastic working condition even after increasing its workload over the last 2 years. If you're looking for a great rifle case to protect your expensive investments, do yourself a favor and check out the Ranger.


About the author: Josh Edwards is a medical professional and member of the US Army Reserves.

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