Retired Police Officer and The Privy EDC Case

Retired Police Officer and The Privy EDC Case

As a retired police officer of 21 years, I don't like to go anywhere without my firearm and some other essentials. However, I'm not "that guy" who wants to draw attention to myself. I wanted a convenient way to carry my Surface Pro or iPad and some other work tools, but still have easy, covert access to my gun. The Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case is perfect for this! Fully customizable interior, so you can make it fit your specific gear needs. Removable interior organizational panel has built in elastic loops for extra magazines, a tourniquet, flashlight, cuffs, multi-tool, or anything else you may want to carry.

3V Gear Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case - Flat Lay

Absent the removable organizational panel, the entire back sleeve is covered with Velcro, allowing you to attach your own holster of preference, or use our 3V Gear Shadow Shot Universal Holster. Velcro mag holders are available to be added to the panel as well. This is my preferred carrying style, but that's the beauty of the Privy, you can make it work for you.

3V Gear Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case

For those of you who don't want to wear your uniform to court, but want to be armed, or are working a plain clothes assignment and prefer not to attract too much attention, the Privy is a great option. I would have loved it for running into a meeting where I needed my laptop or case reports when I wasn't in uniform. As a detective, I worked several undercover assignments in secure "cold" buildings where we could not attract attention to ourselves and burn our location. I wish the Privy would have been around then as it would have made things so much nicer and would have helped me blend in with every other office worker in the area.

Every gun owner shares the same fear; that a child or someone irresponsible will somehow gain control of your weapon at home and something tragic will occur. Having to go through the inconvenience of putting your gun in a safe every time you come home can get old. However, it is 100% your responsibility to make sure nothing bad happens with your gun. The Privy solves that problem with lockable zippers, allowing you to have your bag ready to grab and go in an instant and avoid having to go to the safe and unlock it to get your gun. The ease of locking storage keeps you safe and honest.

3V Gear Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case with locking zippers

As always, remember the basic rules of firearm safety. Say them with me...

  1. All guns are always loaded.
  2. Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy (or pay for).
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you've made the decision to shoot.
  4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

Whether you are a LEO or a civilian who carries a CCW, the Privy gives you the opportunity to carry the gear you need without letting anyone know that you are carrying a firearm.

What's In My Privy




Lex is the newest member of the 3V Gear team. He recently retired after serving 21 years as a police officer in Salt Lake County, Utah. During his law enforcement career, Lex served in many specialized units requiring advanced tactical training. He spent 11 years working undercover in the Salt Lake Metro Gang Unit, both as a detective and then as a supervisor. During this time, he was featured on an episode of the National Geographic Channel’s television series, “Drugs, Inc.”

Lex was also on the SWAT Team for seven years as an operator and sniper. He became a sniper team leader and worked in this role for many years. After a promotion to Lieutenant, Lex became the spokesperson for one of the largest police departments in the state, winning the award for the Public Information Officer of the Year for the State of Utah. He was then recruited to the DEA as the Deputy Director of the Salt Lake Metro Narcotics Task Force, responsible for overseeing task force activities in Utah, Wyoming and Montana. After this assignment, Lex became the Executive Officer over the 100 person investigations division for his department.

Lex holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Law with a Spanish minor, and an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Aside from his law enforcement career, Lex is an avid hunter and has guided hunts in several states. When he’s not working, you can find him in a remote mountain wilderness on some type of adventure. Lex grew up in Utah and loves the great outdoors. His favorite pastime, however, is spending time with his family, hunting, camping and hiking.


  • Ron George

    I’m excited to find your site and products, especially the Pronto Pouch. I’ve (recently) volunteered to be available for medical emergencies at our church. The Pronto Pouch will be perfect for that role.
    Unfortunately, the church doesn’t fund the equipment I carry, so soon as budget permits, I’ll buy the Pronto Pouch and consider applying to be an Ambassador.

  • Alex Pagan

    I’ve been carrying since 1966. 20 years on NYPD and 36yrs as a retired officer. This looks to be the best carry case I’ve seen; considering I went back to school and then instructor and software analyst. I lugged around a ton of stuff.

  • Ron Wenzel

    Had the honor of working with Lex on project a few years back. Love the new bag! I run similar contents and will be looking at this solution. Will add some Combat Gauze and Tourniquet.


    Thank you for taking my input on the design. Im glad to see that others see the value in it.


    Greetings Lex,great setup and glad to have your expert support. I prefer to carry mine with a very short strap to keep anyone from grabbing the bag from under my arm. Also I keep my 17’s butt to the front so I can pull the zipper down and draw. The large zipper grab is perfect for that. Stay safe and ready. Regards,

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