Redesigned Subrosa Urban Assault Pack

Redesigned Subrosa Urban Assault Pack

We have been working on a redesign of the Subrosa Urban Assault Backpack. This backpack was a "grey man" style backpack based on our best selling Velox II. It was a good backpack but we always felt it could be better. Here are a few pictures of the original Subrosa. 

3v gear subrosa urban assault pack redesign

The original Subrosa was good and it was very popular. Based on feedback from customers and product development team we have decided to redesign the bag.

3v gear subrosa urban assault pack redesign

Here are photos of the new Subrosa prototype. Below are some of the features that we have incorporated to make the backpack better.

  • We are using 500D nylon instead of 600D polyester 
  • We are using YKK zippers
  • Overbuilt shoulder straps and grab handle
  • Dual expandable water bottle pockets
  • External laptop sleeve with back access
  • Internal laptop sleeve or pocket for hydration bladder
  • Clamshell design
  • Better organization

This photo shows the external pocket for a laptop or you can use it for your CCW. There is a large velcro panel that allows you to add a velcro holster or other gear. We like this style of pocket as it is secure against your back, has more padding, and allows you to remove your laptop without opening the main pocket of the backpack. We will be adding our unique EVA molded back panel to this bag as well. 

3v gear subrosa urban assault pack redesign

This is the same laptop pocket showing the velcro holster with a CCW. This gives you options for what you want to carry. 

3v gear subrosa urban assault pack redesign ccw

If you want to keep your laptop inside the backpack, there is a padded laptop sleeve in the main, inside pocket. This sleeve also doubles as a hydration bladder pocket if you would like to use this pack as a hydration pack. There is an opening under the grab handle to draw the straw through. 

The old Subrosa and Velox do not have a water bottle pocket. This new version has 2 side expandable water bottle pockets that snap back to the body of the pack when they are not in use. This helps with the aesthetics of the bag and you don't have floppy pockets. 

3v gear subrosa urban assault pack redesign water bottle pockets

Some of the feedback we received was to increase the thickness of the shoulder straps. Not only have we made them more robust, but we are using wider nylon webbing at the attachment points which makes them incredibly durable. Many people use this bag for rucking and this makes makes the shoulder straps much stronger. At the same time, we doubled up the material on the grab handle at the top. Now when you grab the backpack and it is loaded up, you get a lot of confidence from the thick webbing. 

3v gear subrosa urban assault pack redesign

The new Subrosa prototype has a large main pocket, a clamshell admin pocket, and large pocket on the front of the bag. The main pocket has two large zippered mesh pockets across from the laptop sleeve. The admin pocket has so much organization. There are going to be countless ways for you to organize your gear. Plus there are two zippered mesh pockets on the opposite side. 

3v gear subrosa urban assault pack redesign

Lastly, we have added a velcro panel on the front top of the bag. One of the main complaints about the original Subrosa was the fact that we had left off a velcro panel for patches. Well, it is back on this version.

We are working with our product development team and should be able to finalize this backpack in the near future. Feel free to comment on any features you like, dislike, or would like to see us add. 

3V Gear Product Development Team 

3V Gear Product Development Team

Interested in being part of the 3V Gear Product Development Team? Sign up today and we will keep you up to date with the products we are working on and solicit your feedback on the designs and concepts. This is an opportunity to have input on the features and specs that you would like to see in a bag or backpack. 


  • Bryan

    Love this!! I agree with the first feedback piece saying that it should come in a 20L as well as a 26L. I love that it has a place for a pistol and I love the organization pockets!! Can’t wait to see how it turns out

  • Robert Siler

    I love my Subrosa. I really like the redesigns here and plan to get it. The only thing I wish is that there were 2 sizes available. The 20L and maybe a 26Lor 28L. I feel like the Subrosa is very versatile without being “to” tactical but being 20L only takes away from some of the versatility in my opinion. I would buy a 26L day one, but it would fit my needs better where some people don’t need the extra space. Just a thought. Own a lot of 3V gear bags and love them all.

  • jay

    Love it, my only complaint about the Outlaw II was it was not as big as the Subrosa, but other than that those are perfect edc bags. I will be getting this re designed version of the subrosa.

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