After using the new pistol case prototype and with feedback from our product development team, we have made a new sample with some pretty big tweaks.
3V Gear Pistol Case Prototype V3 - Front Pocket
The first big change is the front of the case. We have removed the die-cut MOLLE panel because most of the feedback that we received, either didn't think they would use it or they wanted the case to be non-descript. We agreed with this and decided to remove it. We did make the entire front panel one large pocket with a velro fastener. This slip pocket will be perfect for thin items, i.e. notebook, boarding pass, documents, etc. 
3V Gear Pistol Case Prototype V3 - Patches
The velcro panel at the top has a lot of room for patches so you can mod it up in any way you want. 
3V Gear Pistol Case Prototype V3 - Admin Panel
We adjusted the admin panel to have a few larger pockets and fewer pen pockets. We are also going with a grey interior liner. This will make it easier to see your contents and not have to fumble around in a dark interior. 
3V Gear Pistol Case Prototype V3 - Laptop Sleeve
We had a number of requests to make the case slightly larger so it could accomodate a 13" laptop or larger table. We did increase the size and now it fits a 13" MacBook Pro perfectly. Of course, it will fit similar sized devices. We really like this because it now becomes a great EDC laptop case for those of you that don't want to carry a full bag or backpack.
3V Gear Pistol Case Prototype V3 - Pistol Case
A side benefit of the larger size is the firearms that you can fit into the case. As you can see above. You could easily fit a full-size pistol and spare mag and a smaller, compact pistol and spare mag. This will be a great pistol case for taking to the range or carrying your CCW everyday. 
3V Gear Pistol Case Prototype V3 - Thickness
With a laptop, pens, knife, 2 guns, and 2 extra mags the case isn't even 3.5" thick. This is awesome. We were a little concerned about the bulk. It feels solid in your hands and could easily be carried at your side with no issues. 
3V Gear Pistol Case Prototype V3 - Elastic Pockets
The tech insert now has elastic pockets at the bottom. This gives you plenty of ways to organize your gear and hold it secure. With these elastic pockets and the elastic webbing above them, you can have unlimited ways to organize your tech.
3V Gear Pistol Case Prototype V3 - Zipper Pull
We still have the lockable zippers but we are going to add one large zipper pull and the other will be a small piece of paracord. This allows you to set your zippers so you can grab the large one and with one quick pull, you will have access to your CCW. 
3V Gear Pistol Case Prototype V3 - Shoulder Strap
Based on the size of the case, we had a bunch of requests for an optional shoulder strap. We decided that this was a pretty good idea. Each case will come with the shoulder strap but it can easily be removed if you don't want to use it. 
3V Gear Pistol Case Prototype V3 - Shoulder Strap 2
We have two d-rings on opposite sides of the case. This will really be nice if you ever grab the shoulder strap and the case isn't closed. It will automatically pull the case closed and not dump your gear all over the place.
3V Gear Pistol Case Prototype V3 - Cross Strap
There a few different options for carrying the case but we think the most comfortable is across your body with the case behind you. You can still swing it in front of you and grab whatever you need without removing the case.
There are a couple small tweaks we want to make to this bag but we think it is just about there. Please leave any thoughts, ideas, or comments below to let us know what you think or if there is something you would like us to change.

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  • Robert Siler

    I can’t wait for this to be released. I’m curious to know what the small tweaks are because I think you guys nailed it!

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