New Hydration Backpack is in the Works

New Hydration Backpack is in the Works

A couple of weeks ago a group of us drove a few hours south to spend the weekend mountain biking in St. George, Utah and to test a new prototype hydration backpack that we are working on. 

In the past we never really talked about product design with you and we wanted to change that. We want to keep you in the loop with packs and bags we are working on and welcome your thoughts and ideas as we move through the developmental process. 


This trip was all "work", because who wouldn't want to leave snow covered Salt Lake City to spend a weekend mountain biking in the desert? In reality, there is no better testing than to actually take our bags out and use them ourselves. This is where you start to notice little things that don't work or ways to make the features better. So far, this new hydration pack is performing better than we hoped. 


You may have noticed this new backpack is quite a bit different from our traditional tactical look and feel. It is true that it does look different but we feel that there is a need for backpacks with more modern materials and features. We are working harder than ever to build the ruggedness into the pack and keeping a lot of the same tactical uses in the new pack that can be found in some of our other bags. 


There are numerous new features which we think you will love. One of the biggies is the number of pockets this pack has. It has no less than 9 separate pockets. It is crazy. Crazy cool! We are a little obsessive with organization here at 3V Gear and having all of these separate pockets allows our obsessiveness to run wild as there is a place for everything. The packs size is also something we are pretty excited about. It is going to be somewhere between 20 and 25 liters and comes with two compression straps to cinch down your gear. We have found this is the perfect size for a day pack. Plus, with this size, we can fit a 3 liter hydration reservoir inside the bag. This is huge! There is nothing worse than worrying about running out of water when you are out doing something cool. There is a dedicated, external pocket just for the reservoir. We think this is pretty awesome as it doesn't take up space inside the main pocket. We were able to cram a few puffy coats inside the main pocket and still had room to spare. Another favorite are the two stash pockets on the waist belt. They are perfect for quick access items like your GoPro, keys, wallet, chapstick, snacks, and more. 


There are more features that we will go into in the future. Overall, the pack is coming along nicely and we are excited to get it into production. The color scheme may change a little bit but we are excited about the black and red. We think it looks great. Even our friend Whitney was stoked on the new pack, or perhaps it was the mountain biking. :)


If you are interested in getting more emails about our product development and would like to become part of our product development team, we have created a form where you can sign up. We will keep you up to date about the products we are working on and periodically ask your thoughts and opinions. We may even give you early access and discounts on our new products.  



Kirk is the Marketing Director at 3V Gear and is an active outdoors man. When not working, you will often find him in the Utah mountains biking, hiking, camping, skiing, or trail running. He likes to travel the world with his wife, exploring new cultures and meeting interesting people, all the while photographing everything he sees. 


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