New Year's Resolution - Finally Build that Survival Pack

In 2019 we saw a huge increase in natural disasters around the world. In this one single year there were 1,390 confirmed tornadoes, 12,919 earthquakes measuring above 4.0, major wildfires in Africa, North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, 8 major Pacific typhoons, and 18 named hurricanes with 20 tropical cyclones. As a whole, natural disasters around the world have been increasing and it is best to be prepared. Even if you live in a relatively safe area and do not necessarily have ...READ MORE


Which bag is great for Bushcrafters? Well the  Velox II of course. Watch the video below to see what gear the Prepared Wanderer carries in his Bushcraft ready Velox II. Also, be sure to check out more great videos and content from the Prepared Wanderer at: ...READ MORE

Gear Review: Is This Urban EDC On A Budget?

Check out this great video from as they use the 3V Gear Subrosa Urban Assault Pack as their base for a Urban EDC build out. This build out also features the Riparo Shield - IIIA Soft Body Armor 11" x 14" (discontinued) and the Torrent 20 oz Insulated Water Bottle. Like this video? Tell us about your everyday carry in the comments section below! TORRENT 20 oz INSULATED WATER BOTTLE Price $24.95 BUY NOW TACTICAL MILITARY SHEMAGH Price $8.95 ...READ MORE


Using the resources available in nature at its best is what Bushcrafting is all about. In the simplest words, bushcrafting = wilderness skills. If you are going on a trek, use some basic bushcraft tools with excellence and make your outdoor living easier than ever. Let's talk about the tools & skills you must know to become a proficient bushcrafter. THE ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS OF BUSHCRAFTING Foraging Foraging means finding the best edible food when one is in the wild. From hunters to ...READ MORE

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