A Canyoneers Review of the Velox II

Gear Review: A Canyoneers Review of the Velox II

Let me start by saying, awesome bag! Now that you know where I stand let’s get started.

This bag is an improvement on the already great Velox I, in my opinion, starting with the size and design of the bag. The interior compartments seem roomier and I love the double compression straps on each side bag that allow you to expand the carrying capacity with ease.

I mainly use this bag for hiking and technical canyoneering, translation: I beat the crap out of my gear. An average day is 10+ hours of rappelling or climbing with 20+ lbs of gear. All of my bags typically have large holes due to “stemming” (wedging oneself through canyons) or sustain other damage from being dropped from 30’+ into large pools or on to rocks.


Mask Tactical EDC, Outlaw Gear Slinger Review

Gear Review: Mask Tactical EDC, Outlaw Gear Slinger Pack

The guys over at Mask Tactical have been testing our Outlaw Gear Slinger as an EDC pack for the last few months and they just posted a written review on their website, as well as, the video review below. Check it out, let us know if you agree with their assessment or not, and feel free to leave us feedback on what you'd like to see from us going forward.


Paratus 3 Day Operator's Pack: A Hunter's Perspective

Gear Review: A Hunter's Perspective of the Paratus

As a hunter I cover a lot of ground every year. From the mountains of eastern Oregon in pursuit of a bull elk, to the plains and timbered draws of Oklahoma searching for an elusive white-tailed deer, I’m always on the move. I’ve even scaled rocky peaks and the rainy hillsides of southcentral and southeast Alaska hunting bears and Sitka blacktail deer. Over the years I’ve carried the same pack. Not because it was a top of the line pack, but rather because it was bought for me by my father when I was 15. After 17 years carrying this pack, I guess you could say I outgrew it and it was time to pass it on


GEAR REVIEW: Survivalist Prepper Paratus Review

Who is Survivalist Prepper?

This husband and wife duo founded in 2013 as a way to educate everyone about some of the very real scenarios that are possible in the world we live in today and why be prepared is so important.

Since founding the site they have also started the Survival Prepper Podcast (which has featured 3V Gear founder Dan Beck) and Survivalist Prepper Academy. They are well known in Prepper circles and put a ton of research into everything they do.


Velox II - Bug Out on a Budget


Whether you are building a bug out bag, out in the backcountry for a weekend, or at the range for the day, it is critical that your pack has what you need when you need it.

For all of these activities, there are numerous packs that will fit the bill, but none will match the quality, versatility, and price that is found in the Velox II Tactical Assault Pack from 3V Gear.

From head to toe, the 3V Gear Velox II Tactical Assault Pack is ready for any situation and was built to fit the needs of any tactical scenario as well as an extended stay from your home base.


Is a $130 duffel bag worth the money?


Earlier this year I was traveling to Thailand for two weeks. For this trip I was going to be moving around a lot and wanted a bag that was easy to carry, could be used as a carry-on bag, could fit all of my clothes, toiletries, and camera gear. I was only taking one bag and settled on the 60L Patagonia Black Hole Duffel.

The travel experience with the Patagonia bag was so good that when I got home I was determined to get another duffel bag for my wife. The problem is the Patagonia bag, at $130, is really expensive. I started looking at alternatives and came across 3V Gear’s website and their Smuggler Adventure Duffel Bag. At $39.95 for the 45L duffel bag I could buy all three sizes (45L, 60L, and 85L) of the Smuggler duffels for virtually the same price as one Patagonia Black Hole.