Skis and Swimsuits

Adventure Journal: Skis and Swimsuits

Skis and swimsuits don’t often go together, but a small group of us decided on an outdoor winter adventure that involved both. Our destination was an interesting collection of natural hot springs called Fifth Water Hot Springs. Early Sunday morning we loaded all of our gear and drove 60 minutes south of Salt Lake City to Spanish Fork Canyon. A few minutes up the canyon and we arrived at a gate for Diamond Fork. During the summer months, the gate is open and the road is paved, but as this is February in Utah, there was no maintenance and the road was covered in snow.




I had never heard of Yelapa. That is until my friend Jes was telling me about an amazing trip he and his wife had gone on a few years ago. He was planning a trip to go back, and as the oncoming Utah winter was knocking on our doorstep, a trip to Mexico in January sounded amazing.

My wife and I arrived in Puerto Vallarta early on a Monday morning and took a taxi from the airport straight to Muelle de Playa Los Muertos, or Dock of the Dead. Kind of an ominous name to catch a boat. Yelapa is 45 - 60 minutes southwest of Puerto Vallarta via water taxi.




My girlfriend and I are from Perth, Western Australia and spent a year living in the USA, based in Colorado and travelling around the country. Knowing that we would be on the road a lot, hiking and visiting some pretty remote locations, our packs were important.

After looking for durable, reasonably priced bags online, we decided to purchase a Velox II Tactical Assault Pack and an Outlaw Gear Slinger Pack from 3V Gear. Both packs were well priced and suited our travel plans perfectly!


Dropping by 3V Gear Headquarters

ADVENTURE JOURNAL: Dropping by 3V Gear Headquarters

My names Travis and am a veteran, EP/PSD Specialist, traveler and, sadly, gear crazy. I am one of those guys that used to buy all the name brands because I believed that they would be the best in the market and they would hold up. Now don't get me wrong, I put my gear through its paces. Whether through work or through play and some of those name brands just didn't hold up. They tore and threads consistently came loose. So I began my search for a new company that was not only priced well, but had a variety of items to choose from.