How-to guide: Wilderness Survival - An Introduction to Bushcrafting

How-to guide: Wilderness Survival - An Introduction to Bushcrafting

Using the resources available in nature at its best is what Bushcrafting is all about. In the simplest words, bushcrafting = wilderness skills. If you are going on a trek, use some basic bushcraft tools with excellence and make your outdoor living easier than ever. Let's talk about the tools & skills you must know to become a proficient bushcrafter.


How-to guide: What we learned about being prepared from Irma and Harvey

How-to guide: What we learned about being prepared from Irma and Harvey

Always remember to stock your survival kits and bug out bags before any emergencies. As Hurricane Irma came closer to Florida, it became very difficult for the residents there to obtain supplies. Water bottle prices skyrocketed online. Although officials of Florida discouraged price gouging, many brands were still raising their prices to take advantage of people’s desperate need for essentials. On Amazon, some water bottle prices that were normally $24, were raised to $100. Airlines were also raising their fares to ridiculous prices, making it difficult for anyone that didn't have a plan for transportation. Flights that were normally $400 at some airlines, reached almost $2000 round trip. Some were even lucky to get essential goods at all. Lots of stores were out of stock of important resources or closed due to the storm. Getting all the supplies and plans taken care of months or years before an emergency is the best way to go.


A Canyoneers Review of the Velox II

Gear Review: A Canyoneers Review of the Velox II

Let me start by saying, awesome bag! Now that you know where I stand let’s get started.

This bag is an improvement on the already great Velox I, in my opinion, starting with the size and design of the bag. The interior compartments seem roomier and I love the double compression straps on each side bag that allow you to expand the carrying capacity with ease.

I mainly use this bag for hiking and technical canyoneering, translation: I beat the crap out of my gear. An average day is 10+ hours of rappelling or climbing with 20+ lbs of gear. All of my bags typically have large holes due to “stemming” (wedging oneself through canyons) or sustain other damage from being dropped from 30’+ into large pools or on to rocks.


How-to guide: What the hell is rucking and why should I do it?

How-to guide: What the hell is rucking and why should I do it?

The definition of rucking is “the activity of moving with weight on your back in a rucksack (aka backpack), where action, energy, and purpose are required”.

It’s also the foundation of training for many Special Forces units including Green Berets. These groups use rucking to help troops get used to carrying heavy loads (usually 100+ lbs) across long distance with little sleep to simulate a bug out, deployment where vehicles aren’t available, or other situations where strength and endurance are necessary.


5 Best Places to Live (When Society Begins to Collapse)

How-to Guide: 5 Best Places to Live (When Society Begins to Collapse)

It is important to consider the best places to live in the event of a societal collapse, to consider what are the best climates and areas to keep you and your family safe. It is important to know what you are looking for when determining if the area will be sustainable for survival.

When considering a relocation there are many factors to consider when selecting the best area for efficient survival. You will want to look for areas with low population and low risk for natural disasters; this can be helped by avoiding coastlines and faults. You should also select an area with high game population for hunting, a running water source, and good fertile land to prosper growth. Also, consider looking for areas with low population density and cost of living as well.


5 Frequently Forgotten Bug Out Bag Items

How-to Guide: 5 Frequently Forgotten Bug Out Bag Items

There are basic items that everyone includes in their bug out bag, such as food, water, extra clothing, a firestarter, light source, and first aid kit. However, if you’re bugging out, chances are there is a reason and who knows how long it will be for. These 5 items are frequently forgotten by preppers, but can come in very handy in the event of a bugout. Plus, you can pack all of these items in a small MOLLE pouch such as the Sidekick and only take them if you need them.


A Soldier’s Weapon, Tool of the Trade

How-to Guide: A Soldier’s Weapon, Tool of the Trade

To a soldier, a weapon is part of the trade, it becomes part of you because without it, you feel naked, without it you feel vulnerable. Throughout basic training, from the second you are issued your rifle, either an M16 or an M4, it becomes your weapon. Not a “gun,” because calling it that will cost you some pushups, and not something you play with, because it’s not a toy. From the second it’s issued to you until you turn it back in at the end of your basic experience, it is by your side, taken everywhere you go, and you are responsible for it. Through ruck marches in the rain, fire drills in the middle of the night, and low crawling through mud, your weapon better be in your hands.


S.T.O.P & Survive: What To Do When The SHTF

How-to Guide: S.T.O.P & Survive When The SHTF

The obscure, overgrown trail you have been following vanishes into the scrub-oak, creating a sense of confusion which quickly overwhelms your senses. Breathless, you stop to catch some air and the realization suddenly hits….WHERE am I? You don't recognize any of the surrounding forest or canyon. The sun is setting and light is becoming scarce. You put your local map away hours ago, telling yourself, you knew this area like the “back of your hand”, but this area seems foreign. You are LOST….


Mask Tactical EDC, Outlaw Gear Slinger Review

Gear Review: Mask Tactical EDC, Outlaw Gear Slinger Pack

The guys over at Mask Tactical have been testing our Outlaw Gear Slinger as an EDC pack for the last few months and they just posted a written review on their website, as well as, the video review below. Check it out, let us know if you agree with their assessment or not, and feel free to leave us feedback on what you'd like to see from us going forward.


Paratus 3 Day Operator's Pack: A Hunter's Perspective

Gear Review: A Hunter's Perspective of the Paratus

As a hunter I cover a lot of ground every year. From the mountains of eastern Oregon in pursuit of a bull elk, to the plains and timbered draws of Oklahoma searching for an elusive white-tailed deer, I’m always on the move. I’ve even scaled rocky peaks and the rainy hillsides of southcentral and southeast Alaska hunting bears and Sitka blacktail deer. Over the years I’ve carried the same pack. Not because it was a top of the line pack, but rather because it was bought for me by my father when I was 15. After 17 years carrying this pack, I guess you could say I outgrew it and it was time to pass it on


Skis and Swimsuits

Adventure Journal: Skis and Swimsuits

Skis and swimsuits don’t often go together, but a small group of us decided on an outdoor winter adventure that involved both. Our destination was an interesting collection of natural hot springs called Fifth Water Hot Springs. Early Sunday morning we loaded all of our gear and drove 60 minutes south of Salt Lake City to Spanish Fork Canyon. A few minutes up the canyon and we arrived at a gate for Diamond Fork. During the summer months, the gate is open and the road is paved, but as this is February in Utah, there was no maintenance and the road was covered in snow.


5 Reasons to Consider Concealed Carry

How-to Guide: 5 Reasons to Consider Concealed Carry

As a veteran, licensed security officer, and concealed carry instructor my favorite response when I ask the question "Why don’t you concealed carry?" is "I don’t need to carry a gun, that’s what the police are for". For a lot of people, carrying a firearm on you most of the time sounds like overkill. Here are my 5 reasons to reconsider concealed carry.



adventure journal: FINDING YELAPA

I had never heard of Yelapa. That is until my friend Jes was telling me about an amazing trip he and his wife had gone on a few years ago. He was planning a trip to go back, and as the oncoming Utah winter was knocking on our doorstep, a trip to Mexico in January sounded amazing.

My wife and I arrived in Puerto Vallarta early on a Monday morning and took a taxi from the airport straight to Muelle de Playa Los Muertos, or Dock of the Dead. Kind of an ominous name to catch a boat. Yelapa is 45 - 60 minutes southwest of Puerto Vallarta via water taxi.


Dan Beck Featured on Survivalist Prepper Podcast

PRESS RELEASE: Dan Beck featured on survivalist prepper podcast

What did they talk about?

  •   •The benefit of buying manufacturer direct
  •   •Why buying from a smaller company is a good thing
  •   •What sets 3V Gear apart
  •   •Why 3V Gear products are great for beginner preppers, as well as, seasoned veterans
  •   •And More




Walk into any pharmacy or grocery store and you will find shelf upon shelf, filled with hundreds of "over-the-counter" medications, used to treat everything from hair loss to hemorrhoids. This can make creating first aid kits and stockpiling medications a maze of confusion. "Expert" and healthcare professionals have their personal recommendations. The following are five over-the-counter items we suggest that should be bought in bulk and included in all of your first aid and emergency kits.


GEAR REVIEW: Survivalist Prepper Paratus Review

Who is Survivalist Prepper?

This husband and wife duo founded in 2013 as a way to educate everyone about some of the very real scenarios that are possible in the world we live in today and why be prepared is so important.

Since founding the site they have also started the Survival Prepper Podcast (which has featured 3V Gear founder Dan Beck) and Survivalist Prepper Academy. They are well known in Prepper circles and put a ton of research into everything they do.




Living in Utah we see our fair share of winter storms but inevitably, it seems, there are a large number of people who are ill-prepared for every storm we get. With every winter storm come stories of drivers who slide off the road, get stuck, or have break downs and are unprepared in regards to keeping warm, staying dry, and fueling their bodies while they either wait for help, or go out in search of it.

It’s not just drivers either that seem to get caught off guard by these winter storms, reports of people freezing and running out of food in their homes during power outages that they didn’t prepare for are also something we hear about often.



adventure journal: FROM AUSTRALIA TO ALASKA

My girlfriend and I are from Perth, Western Australia and spent a year living in the USA, based in Colorado and travelling around the country. Knowing that we would be on the road a lot, hiking and visiting some pretty remote locations, our packs were important.

After looking for durable, reasonably priced bags online, we decided to purchase a Velox II Tactical Assault Pack and an Outlaw Gear Slinger Pack from 3V Gear. Both packs were well priced and suited our travel plans perfectly!




Being stranded in the wilderness may make for a good movie, but in reality, it can be a terrifying experience. Staying alive may require you to build your own shelter, start a fire without matches and even eat bugs for nourishment. Preparing yourself beforehand will give you a much needed advantage for survival if something does happen to you. Here are 5 important tips to help keep you alive. Take the time to learn these skills.




It is easy to forget that one of the most dangerous situations you can fall prey to is being exposed to freezing weather during the winter months. We take this for granted because we have nice warm houses and cars that protect us. But what happens when you slide off the road or your car breaks down? The right gear could mean the difference between life and death.

Before you make that long drive for the Holidays, make sure you are prepared. There are a few practical things you can do to make sure you are safe this winter season with these 10 essentials.




Being prepared in case of an emergency or natural disaster these days is a must. If you don’t already have a bug out / emergency bag prepared and ready to go at home you should really consider building one.

Building a bug out bag doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, we believe it should be a fun and educational experience. After all, having a solid bug out plan, and knowing that you’re planning well in advance should help put your mind at ease about "SHTF" scenarios.




The Shemagh (pronounced “schmog“), also known as keffiyeh or kufiya, is a traditional Middle Eastern headdress made of soft woven cotton cloth. It is generally found in arid regions and used as a means of protection from the sun, dust and sand. For the last few decades, soldiers from Britain have used the shemagh because of its versatility, and over the last decade US troops have also dawned the shemagh, especially special forces groups working in the Middle East.


Dropping by 3V Gear Headquarters

adventure journal: Dropping by 3V Gear Headquarters

My names Travis and am a veteran, EP/PSD Specialist, traveler and, sadly, gear crazy. I am one of those guys that used to buy all the name brands because I believed that they would be the best in the market and they would hold up. Now don't get me wrong, I put my gear through its paces. Whether through work or through play and some of those name brands just didn't hold up. They tore and threads consistently came loose. So I began my search for a new company that was not only priced well, but had a variety of items to choose from.


New 3V Gear website launched


3V Gear has launched a new mobile friendly website which it hopes will make for a better shopping experience for their customers. Inline with their new website, they have also introduced a new blog which is focusing on survival skills, everyday carry (EDC), and practical prepper skills. They already have some quality content and have partnered with industry experts to provide articles which will benefit their readers.

"Revamping the website has been over a year in the works and we have spent a great deal of time making the shopping experience as enjoyable as possible," says Kirk Sample, Marketing Manager for 3V Gear. The new website focuses a great deal on the products that 3V Gear produces. Strong photography also make for a visually appealing site.


Velox II - Bug Out on a Budget


Whether you are building a bug out bag, out in the backcountry for a weekend, or at the range for the day, it is critical that your pack has what you need when you need it.

For all of these activities, there are numerous packs that will fit the bill, but none will match the quality, versatility, and price that is found in the Velox II Tactical Assault Pack from 3V Gear.

From head to toe, the 3V Gear Velox II Tactical Assault Pack is ready for any situation and was built to fit the needs of any tactical scenario as well as an extended stay from your home base.


What is EDC?

how-to guide: What is EDC? introduction to Everyday Carry

You may think that Everyday Carry (or EDC for short) is just a guy's way of geeking out on the cool gadgets, weapons, and tools that he carries around with him. Your assumption may be correct on some level because EDC has been popularized by sites like, but in reality, everyday carry is a philosophy built on preparedness and function.

This means the things that you feel you cannot leave home without. This list of objects will vary depending on your needs, the amount of stuff you want to carry, and your lifestyle. We are big proponents of always being prepared and your EDC should be comprised of items that will lead to this goal should the need arise.


Is a $130 duffel bag worth the money?

gear review: IS A $130 DUFFEL BAG WORTH THE MONEY?

Earlier this year I was traveling to Thailand for two weeks. For this trip I was going to be moving around a lot and wanted a bag that was easy to carry, could be used as a carry-on bag, could fit all of my clothes, toiletries, and camera gear. I was only taking one bag and settled on the 60L Patagonia Black Hole Duffel.

The travel experience with the Patagonia bag was so good that when I got home I was determined to get another duffel bag for my wife. The problem is the Patagonia bag, at $130, is really expensive. I started looking at alternatives and came across 3V Gear’s website and their Smuggler Adventure Duffel Bag. At $39.95 for the 45L duffel bag I could buy all three sizes (45L, 60L, and 85L) of the Smuggler duffels for virtually the same price as one Patagonia Black Hole.