Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case
Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case
Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case
Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case
Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case
Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case
Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case
Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case

Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case

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Looking for the ultimate EDC bag? Your search is over with the Privy Personal EDC Case. We designed the Privy to be completely customizable by you because we know not everyone carries the same gear. Whether your everyday carry is a bunch of tech or your EDC requires a CCW, the Privy has you covered. The Privy was designed to be stealthy and not to give away what is inside. Hence the name Privy, meaning secret, concealed, hidden, or secluded. Only those that need to know can be privy to the contents of your case.

Made to fit the large iPad Pro or similarly sized devices, and being completely padded, the Privy Personal EDC Case is the ideal size for a stand alone carrying case. But if you carry a lot of gear, the size of the privy is perfect to fit inside a full size backpack.


Shadow Shot CCW Holster

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    3v gear privy edc can be used as a ccw bag
    3v gear privy edc can be used as a ccw bag


    A - Lockable zippers
    B - Quick access "no look" zipper pull
    C - Removable shoulder strap
    D - Velcro panel for patches (3V Gear logo patch included)
    E - Stash pocket
    F - Padded exterior
    G - Grab handle

    • Padded tablet/laptop pocket (pocket dimensions: 12"w x 8.5"h)
    • Detailed admin panel
    • Stylus holder
    • Removable organizational panel
    • Velcro panel for adding your CCW
    • Hi-vis and silent zipper pulls
    • Large rear pocket
    • MOLLE webbing on the back
    • Key lanyard
    • Dimensions: 13.5" x 10" x 3.5"
    • Weight: 1.6 pounds
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Imported


    The Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case was designed to accomodate a large iPad Pro or Surface tablet. The Privy can be opened completely with the clamshell design or you can simply remove your device with Privy half zipped.


    Hopefully you never need to draw your CCW but it will be nice to know that you can quickly access it if needed. With a unique rubber zipper pull, you will be able to easily and quickly find the correct zipper without looking.


    The organizational panel is removable so you can use the Privy EDC case in a variety of scenarios. You can utilize the Privy case with your CCW or as a unique range bag. Of course, you can organize the Privy case in any way you want. We can't wait to see how you will use it.
    Admin Panel
    Multiple pockets give you plenty of ways to organize your gear and tech.
    Padded iPad/Laptop Sleeve
    Designed to fit a large iPad Pro or similarly sized device, the padded sleeve will keep your tablet or laptop safe. The Privy will fit a newer version 13" Macbook Pro.
    Clamshell Design
    The clamshell design allows the Privy to lay flat and gives you complete access to all of your gear.
    Unlimited Organization
    The organizational panel is made up of three elastic pockets and eight elastic loops. Three of the elastic loops are wide enough to accommodate larger items that will allow them to pass into the elastic pockets.
    Removable Organizational Panel
    The organizational panel is designed to be removable. The organizational panel attaches with velcro and allows you to customize the EDC case in many different ways.
    Stylus Holder
    An elastic stylus holder gives you an extra place to hold a stylus or an additional pen/pencil.
    CCW Organization
    Remove the organization panel to reveal soft velcro which allows you to add your CCW or other accessories. The Privy could easily double as a discreet carry or range bag. Shown with the Shadow Shot.
    Lockable Zippers
    There are a number of reasons why you may want to keep your gear locked up and with lockable zippers, you can make sure your gear is safe. Lock not included. 
    Quick Access Zipper Pull
    The zipper pulls are hi-vis red so you can easily find them. We have also added a black rubber zipper pull so you can easily find and open the Privy without looking. This allows you to easily access your CCW without hunting for the correct zipper pull.
    Front Stash Pocket
    A velcroed front stash pocket is perfect for quickly stashing items without opening the Privy case. Ideal for small thin items, like a small notebook, boarding passes, pens, etc.
    Velcro ID Panel
    A velcro ID panel is perfect for showing your personality with patches or leave it empty to keep the sleek, minimalist look. The Privy case comes with the 3V Gear logo patch.
    Nylon Grab Handles
    Nylon grab handles give you an additional way to carry the Privy EDC case. Grabbing both handles will also ensure that you don't dump all of your gear if the zippers are not closed.
    Zippered Rear Pocket
    A zippered rear pocket is ideal for adding a notebook or other items. The pocket is the full size of the EDC case. Nylon MOLLE webbing has also been added to the back of the case so you can add MOLLE pouches or attach the Privy case to a larger bag.
    Key Lanyard
    A key lanyard is located in the rear zippered pocket. Having the keys in the rear pocket means you don't have to worry about the keys scratching your gear in the main pockets.
    Removable Shoulder Strap
    The removable shoulder strap gives you the option to use the Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case as a shoulder bag or crossbody bag, or it can be removed and you can carry the case with the nylon handles. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    A well-made bag but just not right for me as concerns concealed carry with Shadow Shot

    I may ramble a bit and get too specific in my attempt to make concealed carry bag decisions easier for others. purchased this because I was looking for a replacement for my Cipher Messenger bag which was in turn a replacement for my Outlaw which replaced my Posse. While I want the bag or pack I carry out of the house everyday to be functional in every way, it has to work with the Shadow Shot holster. Originally, the shadow shot held a Beretta PX4 storm Compact .40SW that weighs approx. 2.5 pounds loaded with a spare magazine (Wish 3V would add a mag carrier to shadow shot line BTW. A spare mag is no big deal in the Outlaw but it flopped around in the Cipher. ). That just fit in the Posse in away that made drawing the pistol doable. It printed a bit inside the pack - not outside- and reduced the volume but it worked well for a long time. When I needed to start carrying a laptop into the field, I upgraded to the Outlaw. No problem there regarding carry and room for more stuff.
    Switched to the Cipher for a more incognito look but found the latch on the main compartment wanting and the fabric definitely sagged under the weight of the Shadow Shot and the Beretta. It didn't scream 'gun' just something too heavy for the bag. the pull on the fabric made the latch problem worse. I tried a S&W airweight in .38spcl.and that was an improvement but the pistol carried when placed low in the bag near the bottom seam and that was not a good draw position for me.
    I decided to take a chance on the Privy case knowing that I would have to remove the admin panel to use the Shadow Shot. I could just get my small laptop inside but there was no chance of zipping it with the Beretta or S&W inside because the laptop stopped the bag from expanding. Without the laptop, either handgun printed. Maybe not screaming 'gun' but in the smaller case it my have whispered it. A Ruger LCP II worked well and I may have stuck with this case except for one thing. While you can arrange to draw easily enough, you cannot open the case to access other items without exposing the shadow shot and its contents. That made it a no-go for my daily needs -especially as I was trying to look less tactical. That said the case is well-made and would work as a great small organizer with the admin panel installed. It would even work as a bag/holster if you used a a Ruger LCP II or SCCY sized handgun and did not need to access the contents in front of others. I am not sure where it will end up, but in all likelihood it will be used as an internal organizer in my wife's 'get home bag' which is an Outlaw II.
    Just to be fair to 3V, I have repurposed the Cipher as game camera bag using the sentinel insert I had in an Outlaw II. I am back to the Outlaw II for my EDC bag and it is happily dealing with the laptop, mouse, Beretta, graph paper pads, writing utensils, spare flashlight etc. The Posse long ago became the bag I take to tree stands and still holds my second shadow shot, small binocs, snack, deer drag, spare gloves etc. So, while I may have wasted some effort in this experiment, I do not feel like I wasted any money because of the way the Shadow Shot and Sentinel work with different 3V products.

    Kudos to the designer of this gem!

    Wow! I can carry a 12.9 inch iPad, an 11inch iPad, my kindle and iphone simultaneously!
    Very stylish looking. Quality of the zippers and overall construction of this bag is outstanding. There are two molle bags I plan on purchasing as an add on. The bag feels incredibly comfortable and well balanced while packing my electronics around.


    Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case

    Shut up and take my money....again.

    This bag is legit AF. This company is legit AF. Gear bags don't need to drain your bank account, as 3V has shown. Do yourself a HUGE favor, buy your gear right here AND have cash left over. Will I buy here again? Yup. Already did, and will again.

    Privy Personal Essentials EDC Case

    I can’t say enough great things about this case! The item description doesn’t do it justice! With the numerous options for EDC + CCW capabilities you won’t find a better case for the price! I definitely recommend picking one up!