Don’t Procrastinate

Always remember to stock your survival kits and bug out bags before any emergencies. As Hurricane Irma came closer to Florida, it became very difficult for the residents there to obtain supplies. Water bottle prices skyrocketed online. Although officials of Florida discouraged price gouging, many brands were still raising their prices to take advantage of people’s desperate need for essentials. On Amazon, some water bottle prices that were normally $24, were raised to $100. Airlines were also raising their fares to ridiculous prices, making it difficult for anyone that didn't have a plan for transportation. Flights that were normally $400 at some airlines, reached almost $2000 round trip. Some were even lucky to get essential goods at all. Lots of stores were out of stock of important resources or closed due to the storm. Getting all the supplies and plans taken care of months or years before an emergency is the best way to go.

Keep Some Essential Supplies at Work

Homes were not always the place people could be for refuge during the Hurricane. Many lost access to their houses forcing them to go elsewhere for safety. For many, their workplaces became a place for refuge. It would be smart to put MOLLE pouches on a Posse Bag with toiletries, a med kit, some non-perishable food, a flashlight with extra batteries, and non-cellular communication devices packed inside. Having this at the office wouldn't take up that much space making it ideal for an office space, but at the same time would be perfect for packing essentials you need in a sturdy pack if you got stranded there.

Be Self-Sufficient

Both Hurricane Irma and Harvey left millions of people without electricity. One county of Texas had only four of their 30 gas stations operational. Many cities in Texas lost communication, leaving much of the population with no way to talk to the outside world. One of the best ways to prepare for an emergency is to be self-sufficient. Invest in a generator to create your own source of electricity. Many forget basic appliances, like gas for your stove or your heater, will fail in times of crisis. That is why having backup fuel sources for cooking and heating are essential. One issue that arose in Texas was that even if homes still had running water they became contaminated due to the floods. The water sources mixed with outside sewage and other waste making the water very dangerous to drink. That is why you should always have a large water filter or additional water source. The Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter is invaluable in this kind of situation and easily filters a large amount of water for groups or your family.

Be Generous and Pack more than expected

Most likely you will have neighbors or friends that weren't as prepared as you. First share your survival plans with friends and neighbors beforehand to help them know how to get started. In the event that someone isn't prepared think of adding one or two additional MOLLE pouches to your Bug Out Bag with a truncated kit of extra supplies. These pouches could be handed out without affecting your Bug Out Supplies and could save one of your neighbors lives.

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