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The 3V Gear Covert 36" Padded Gun Case is part of the new S.O.B. line of packs and bags. S.O.B. stands for Stealth Operator's Bag. In the world we live in, sometimes it is a good idea to not draw a lot of attention to yourself and this is the goal of the S.O.B. line of bags. A S.O.B. gives you a more subdued tactical look without compromising the quality and durability of the bag. All S.O.B. bags come with 3V Gear’s Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty.

The 3V Gear Covert 36" Padded Gun Case has been designed to withstand the rigors of field use with its semi-rigid design and fully padded enclosure, but with an inconspicuous design. With a subdued tactical look you can move about freely and not draw any unwanted attention to yourself or the firearm you are carrying.

The front compartment has a large pocket for carrying your pistol, five daisy chain elastic loops for pistol magazines, six daisy chain elastic loops for high-capacity rifle magazines, and two mesh pockets for additional gear. The main compartment is fully padded and has corner mounts to secure the butt and barrel of your gun. Plus, velcro cinch straps with keep your firearm in place when in transit.

The Covert 36" Padded Gun Case is versatile in its carry options. A single shoulder strap can be used to carry the gun case over your shoulder in a backpack style, strung across your torso in a sling style, over the shoulder as a shoulder bag, or with the padded, velcro side handles in a briefcase style.

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The Covert has a semi-rigid design and is fully padded to protect your valuable firearms. The thick padded edges mean you don't need to worry about your rifle being damaged and protects it from any possible mishandling or drops.

Barrel Protector


Large, heavy-dury velcro straps keep your firearm secure and padded corner pockets will hold the brrel and butt of your gun in place.



You won't be hurting for organization with the Covert Gun Case. Numerous pockets, elastic magazine holders, and more make it easy to carry plenty of magazines, ammo, and accessories.

Lockable Zippers


Keep your firearms safe with lockable zippers (locks not included). The big, burly zippers make the bag easy to use, even with gloves.



• Weather resistant with rugged 600D PVC backed polyester construction
• Foam padded interior protections your firearm
• Semi-rigid construction give structure to your bag while protecting the contents
• Large interlocking zippers allow you to lock the bag and keep your firearms secure (locks not included)
• Removable padded shoulder strap also doubles as a backpack strap
• Large zippered front compartment: (32"W x 10"H x 2"D) with a pocket for a handgun, ammo loops, and two zippered pockets
• Main pocket fits a rifle 36" long or shorter (36"W x 11"H x 3"D)
• Overall measurements with external pockets: (36"W x 11"H x 5"D)
• 3V Gear Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty
• Weighs only: 5 pounds

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35 Reviews

  • 5
    Well constructed, slim but roomy

    Posted by Matthew K. on Mar 11th 2018

    Well constructed, slim bu roomy. Perfect fit under my truck bench seat.

  • 5
    Love my 36" Covert case

    Posted by William K. on Mar 4th 2018

    Love my 36" Covert case. Excellent product and great customer service.

  • 5
    Very well made product. Barely

    Posted by Kent V. on Jan 13th 2018

    Very well made product. Barely fits my AR15 with a 16" barrel, but it works and is secure, even with optics. Best bag I have owned.

  • 5
    Top notch case

    Posted by Anthony A. on Jan 8th 2018

    I have a couple 3V packs, so I knew the quality was there. This is simply the perfect case to carry my scoped AR, and a favorite pistol with plenty of mags for both, all of which being held securely in place until I need them. Solid stitching, rugged zippers, the elastic loops are ideal for organization and safe keep, low profile appearance, all at a great price. The strap is a bit basic, but it does serve it's purpose, and can be replaced/upgraded.

  • 5
    Too hot to take to

    Posted by Guest on Jan 6th 2018

    Too hot to take to the range. Will review when it's cooler. Other than that, I like the low profile.

  • 5
    This is my second 3V

    Posted by Alex T. on Jan 3rd 2018

    This is my second 3V gear product purchase and again I’m very satisfied. Thank you for the great paratus backpack and the great rifle case at great prices.

  • 5
    The case is very well

    Posted by Guest on Dec 27th 2017

    The case is very well built. I was surprised at how thick and how firm the padding around the zipper was, but it will keep the gun cushioned and I won't have to worry about it. Lots of places for magazines. Even though the outside is smooth, the inside has lots of pockets for cleaning supplies, patches, etc.

  • 5
    Stop over-analyzing and buy this bag....Now.

    Posted by Tony P. on Dec 26th 2017

    After what seems like a very exhaustive search for just the right covert style rifle bag, the brown truck just delivered a 3V Covert 36 inch Rifle Bag. Unboxing it, I was immediately pleased with the look, feel, texture and overall quality of the material and construction. Having read many reviews and that some owners voiced concern over the fit of their particular rifle in this case, I was equally pleased to learn that my rifle, equipped with a Magpul ACS butt stock fits as it should: snugly. It is easy to slip it in with the end pockets fitting very nicely to secure the rifle. While the rifle will not fit in the case while loaded with a 30 round magazine, it will accommodate the rifle while loaded with a 20 round magazine should you choose to do so.
    There are two straps that are sewn into the rifle storage area to add extra security and minimize the rifle shifting while in transit. These are adequately equipped with Velcro to provide enough tension to aid in the securement of the rifle. This part of the case has a padded perimeter that provides an added level of reassurance that the rifle is protected, especially is equipped with an RMR or optics. While my rifle is currently only equipped with BUIS, optics are part of the future additions and there is plenty of room to accommodate an optics-equipped rifle without issue.
    Looking at the second compartment, it is fitted with elastic straps to accommodate 6 rifle magazines; three on each end with a zipped storage compartment in the middle. The rifle magazine straps easily hold 30 round magazines as well as additionally holding an extra magazine in each loop for a total of twelve if you desire. I use 40 round Magpul PMAGs and this part of the case accommodates the additional length of these magazines provided you don’t attempt sliding two of this capacity into each slot because the additional size forces added pressure on the zipper which could be a recipe for future failure. The zipper compartment between the rifle magazine straps will easily store cleaning supplies, a full-size pistol/revolver, magazines, tools or other small range items you may require.
    On the opposite panel of the storage area are two zipped mesh pockets and more elastic magazine straps. These straps are intended for handgun magazines and are amply sized for double stack magazines. Single stack, such as 1911’s tend to easily slide, and would benefit from keeping two magazines stacked per slot for additional retention by the straps. The mesh compartments are well sized to accommodate full size handguns, gear or magazines. Each pocket is big enough to accommodate 30 round PMAGs should you need more, as well as 20 round boxes of rifle ammo or 50 round boxes of pistol ammo.
    Fully loaded, this bag is very comfortable to carry by the handles or the shoulder strap. One review I read prior to my purchase had voiced concern over the perceived quality of the strength of the shoulder strap hardware. While certainly anything can fail if used hard enough, I think for the casual user the hardware should serve its purpose. For me, I am contemplating replacing the hardware with Grim Locks. In order to make this change, the metal D rings will need to be cut to accommodate the Grim Locks on the webbing. Two problems arise from this strategy: You diminish the “covertness” of the bag, and may void the lifetime warranty. Something more to think about.
    In conclusion, this is a great bag, at a great price with a lifetime warranty. Stop over-analyzing and buy it.

  • 5
    Serves its purpose and durable

    Posted by Dean H. on Dec 22nd 2017

    Serves its purpose and durable well built product.

  • 5
    Really Nice caring case

    Posted by Jonathan Y. on Dec 16th 2017

    Really Nice caring case

  • 5
    Phenomenal rifle bag! Fits everything

    Posted by nicholas m. on Nov 16th 2017

    Phenomenal rifle bag! Fits everything I need on the go to the range. Carries my AR 15 with mags as well as my pistol with my mags. Plenty of room for what ever else you my want to carry. Very well thought out design.

  • 3
    Overall it's a pretty nice

    Posted by Christian D. on Oct 15th 2017

    Overall it's a pretty nice case! I like that it's made in the states, and not outsourced like so many things these days! The other packs 3V make look good also.
    Here's my issues with the case. It's a thirty-six inch case. My rifle measures thirty-five inches, and barely fits. It has a fixed butt-stock, so not collapsible, or folding. Have to really cram the piece in there. I'd think they'd make it in a thirty-eight? A forty-two would be too big. The inner triangular pieces that retain the rifle are both on one side, and think it would work better if they were alternated, one on the top corner, and the other on the opposite bottom. Lastly I think the inner backing material could be a thicker gauge nylon or plastic. Feels kind of cheap and hope it won't tear in time.
    The exterior of the case is quality! Very nice zippers and material. I like that it's somewhat concealed. First case of this kind, so don't mean to be too harsh, just wish it were slightly bigger, but I'll make it work, and see myself making future purchases from 3V. Thank You.

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