What Is EDC? Introduction to Everyday Carry

You may think that Everyday Carry (or EDC for short) is just a guy's way of geeking out on the cool gadgets, weapons, and tools that he carries around with him. Your assumption may be correct on some level because EDC has been popularized by sites like everydaycarry.com, but in reality, everyday carry is a philosophy built on preparedness and function.

This means the things that you feel you cannot leave home without. This list of objects will vary depending on your needs, the amount of stuff you want to carry, and your lifestyle. We are big proponents of always being prepared and your EDC should be comprised of items that will lead to this goal should the need arise.

We are going to explore a few different EDC’s from some of the people who work here at 3V Gear and their reasons and philosophies for the items they carry.

This is the everyday carry of Kirk, our Marketing Manager, and these are his words for what why he carries the things he does.

What is EDC?

"My EDC is based around my lifestyle and job. Also, my EDC is constantly evolving. I like to think of it as curating my lifestyle and the items I carry. I am always trying to make it better and more efficient."

  1. Rhodia Notebook :: I am a very visual and using a notebook makes it so easy to sketch ideas and concepts.
  2. Fuji X100S :: This is my favorite camera that I own. I take a lot of pictures and this camera works great for me. It is quiet and great in low-light situations. Plus, it is inconspicuous in a crowd.
  3. Batteries :: The X100S is notoriously bad with battery life, so I always carry an extra.
  4. Flashlight :: This is a new addition to my EDC. I never use to carry one, but have found now that I have it, I use it all of the time. I suppose I could use the light on my phone, but I like having alternatives. Plus, if I need a light for an extended period of time, the phone probably isn’t the best option.
  5. Gerber Folding Knife :: This is just a super simple folding knife. I mainly use it for opening boxes, but it comes in handy all of the time.
  6. Key fob for my car.
  7. Tag Heuer Chronograph :: I like watches and wear a different one every day. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes it is a nicer watch like this and other times it may be a simple Timex Ironman. The watch also changes based on what I am going to be doing today.
  8. Lamy Safari :: My pens are always changing and they range from fountain pens to gel pens, to artist pens or ball points. My only requirements are, they have be nice to hold and they have to be excellent to write with.
  9. Mechanical Pencil :: I like to carry at least one pencil and I generally use it for sketching in my notebook.
  10. Tactile Turn Pen :: This pen was on Kickstarter and I really like the way it feels.
  11. Micron .03 Pen :: I carry this pen mainly for sketching.
  12. Smith Sunglasses :: Never leave home without sunglasses.
  13. Hydroflask Coffee Cup :: One of the best innovations...EVER! This thing works so good that my coffee is often too hot.
  14. 3V Gear Outlaw :: I have to represent the company I work for, right? This is one of my favorite packs that we manufacture. I like sling packs because they are easy to use and are generally smaller than most backpacks. I think the Foliage Grey is an awesome color.
  15. Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones :: I listen to a bunch of podcasts and music. Having a great pair of headphones is a must.
  16. MacBook Air :: I may love my pens and notebooks, but I wouldn’t be able to function without a computer. I like the MacBook Air because the battery is awesome and the laptop is super lightweight.
  17. Solar Charger :: I spend a lot of time in the mountains and a small solar panel is an easy way to keep my electronics charged.
  18. iPhone 6s :: Never go anywhere without my phone. Plus, it is a backup option for my computer and notebooks.
  19. Coach Money Clip Wallet :: This is a very minimalist wallet that has a money clip on one side and room for a few cards on the other.
  20. Field Notes Notebook :: I keep an additional notebook with me and use it mainly for sloppy notes and ideas. Plus, I don’t mind tearing a page out of this notebook to give to someone.
  21. LaCie HD :: I am a big advocate of having backups of all my electronic files and carry this external hard drive for that purpose. Plus, it gives me additional hard drive space if I don’t have enough room on my MacBook Air.

Dan is the President of 3V Gear and he has his own unique EDC. Here is his EDC and the way he describes how he uses these items.

What is EDC?

"My EDC is based on security and safety more than anything else. These are the things I want to make sure I always have with me in case the worst case scenario actually happens."

  1. Carbon Fiber Wallet :: I am a bit of a minimalist and this wallet is very sleek and it looks awesome.
  2. Torch :: I carry this on the premise that fire is one of the most important things you can have available to you. You would actually be surprised how often I use it.
  3. Brainwavz Headphones :: Again being a minimalist, I like that these earbuds are small and sound great. They also work as wireless headphones for my iPhone.
  4. Ltd. Optics Sunglasses :: These are polarized glasses and have real wood arms. They are very lightweight and I like the style.
  5. Public Supply Notebook :: I always carry a notebook with me. It is often easier to write something down that trying to type it into my phone.
  6. Multi-tool :: Very simple multi-tool that comes in handy.
  7. Tactical Pen :: This pen works great, but is super robust and could double as a weapon.
  8. Keychain with Paracord :: Paracord has so many uses and I like to keep some on me at all times.
  9. 3V Gear Posse Sling Pack :: I like how small this pack is, but the main reason I carry it is for my conceal-carry weapon. The Posse has two spots to carry a concealed weapon.
  10. 1911 :: I grew up using a 1911 and really like way the gun feels. I am proponent of gun rights and think most people should carry a weapon.
  11. iPhone 6s :: I think everyone probably carries a phone. It is vital to my life and running a company.
  12. Damascus Skinner :: This knife has its utilitarian uses, but it is also a piece of art.
  13. Credit Card Multi-tool :: It weighs next to nothing and has so many uses.

Do you have to carry all of this stuff? Of course not. Like we said, EDC is a philosophy that some of us choose to live by. We carry what we need and like, and that varies by the individual.

We hope that this give you a little bit of understanding of what EDC is and how some of our people choose to everyday carry. We would love to see what you use for your everyday carry.