Hydration Systems

Staying hydrated while you're out adventuring is a must, and at 3V Gear we have you covered. Whether you need a insulated sleeve for your current water bladder, an easy-to-clean 3L top fill hydro tanker for your bug out bag, or a full hydration backpack for those hot summer hikes, we have something built to fit your needs. Plus, since we cut out the middle man by only selling direct to consumer, you know you'll get your gear and the best price.

We are also happy to be teamed up with HydroBlu to bring you the best in personal water filtration products for adventuring, prepping, and survival.

  1. 3V Gear Bandit Hydration Pack

    Bandit Hydration Backpack

    There is generally only one thing you need when you are exploring the backcountry. Water! Whether you are hiking in the Wasatch Mountains or bombing down trails on your mountain bike you need a system to deliver hydration to keep you performing at your best. The Bandit Hydration Pack is made with durable 600 Denier nylon which means it will hold up to the toughest conditions. Plus, with enough storage space for most day trips you will be able to enjoy your excursion without having to carry a large day pack.
    You may be wondering why our prices are so good. We are glad you asked. As the manufacturer, we decided to sell direct to our customers. We skip the middle men who only up-charge the product anyhow. This way we can give you a quality product, a lifetime guarantee and let you save a little coin in the process.
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    3V Gear SERE 1.8L Dual-Tanker

    SERE 1.8L Dual-Tanker

    Much like our nation’s Elite Special Forces Operators the 3V Gear SERE 1.8L Dual-Tanker utilizes cutting edge technology and is “tough-as-nails”. The SERE is the ultimate hydration system for those who demand peak performance and uncompromising reliability. Offering the ability to carry (2) separate liquids in a Dual-Tank configuration (i.e. carry both electrolyte replacement and water in the same reservoir)
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  3. 3V Gear Scout 2L Hydro Tank

    Scout 2L Hydro Tank

    Whether charging into battle or shimmying through a slot canyon the 3V Gear Scout 2L Hydro Tank will keep you hydrated and healthy. The Scout is the ultimate hydration system for a foot soldiers water supply.
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