3V Gear Hydro Shot
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  • 3V Gear Hydro Shot
  • 3V Gear Hydro Shot

Hydro Shot

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Sucking....well sucks.

When you have cotton mouth the last thing you want to do is work hard to get water. Enter the Hydro Shot. The Hydro Shot sucks for you!

But wait there is more...

With a quick squeeze it will shoot 2.6oz of delicious drink into your mouth with little effort. Attach the Hydro Shot to any 3V Gear hydro tanker and you will be hydrating in style in seconds. It even has a nifty elastic hand strap so you can hold it on the go while on the trail.

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3V Gear Hydro Shot

3V Gear Hydro Shot- AKA the coolest hydration accesory ever.

Made from FDA food grade silicon and with an integrated check valve, the Hydro Shot allows you to get a quick powerful spray of water where you want it. Whether you use it for fast hydration or an impromptu water fight, the Hydro Shot will take your hydration to a whole new level.


• Hydro Shot bulb, elastic hand strap, cap, tubing, and a quick disconnect

• Made from FDA food grade silicone

• Anti-microbial interior and drink tube to prevent bacteria and mold

• Dimensions:

    • Total capacity: 2.6 oz 

    • Weight (empty): 4 oz.

    • Hydro Shot measurements: 6” L x 1.75” W (with 14” tube)