1. Shadow Shot CCW Universal Pistol Holster

    Shadow Shot CCW Universal Pistol Holster

    Don’t just throw your firearm in your bag where it will get banged up and move around. The whole point of having a CCW is having it available when the need arises.
    The Shadow Shot CCW Universal Pistol Holster is a conceal carry holster that has a Velcro panel which allows you to attach the holster to any conceal carry bag that has a loop field. This means your firearm will stay where you put it and be at your ready when you need it. The 3V Gear Outlaw Gear Slinger and Posse EDC Sling Pack both come with conceal carry pockets with loop fields to accept the Shadow Shot.
    The Shadow Shot in an ambidextrous design so it can be used with right and left handed shooters. It’s unique design allows you to use the holster with compact or full size pistols. A soft neoprene interior protects your firearm from scratches and a durable nylon strap holds your weapon in place. This pistol holster is a must have for any conceal carry bag. Learn More